2020 Handbook on AI and International Law [RHB 2020 ISAIL]



This handbook, is not a research encyclopedia. It serves to ignite curiosity and make people rethink or think differently about the way we see AI in our lives. This book is the first among the Handbooks on Artificial Intelligence nad International Law, as a part of a series started by the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Ethics Abhivardhan, Dev Tejnani
The Basics of International Law Abhivardhan, Mridutpal Bhattacharya
International Law, Diplomacy and Dispute Settlement Mridutpal Bhattacharya
International Law & the Role of Actors Abhivardhan, Dev Tejnani
International Law and Technology Sameer Samal, Saakshi Agarwal
International Privacy Law Sameer Samal, Saakshi Agarwal
International Intellectual Property Law Abhivardhan, Dev Tejnani
International Cybersecurity Law Dev Tejnani
International Telecommunication Law Abhivardhan, Sameer Samal, Aditi Sharma
International Environmental Law Manohar Samal
International Energy Law Manohar Samal
International Space Law Manohar Samal
International Civil Aviation Law Manohar Samal
International Labour Law Sanad Arora, Mayank Narang
Law of the Seas Manohar Samal
International Humanitarian and Refugee Law Sameer Samal, Aditi Sharma
International Criminal Law Mridutpal Bhattacharya, Arundhati Kale
International Law and Internet Governance Aditi Sharma, Sameer Samal
International Human Rights Law Abhivardhan, Akash Manwani
International Cultural Law Abhivardhan, Akash Manwani
International Health Law Dev Tejnani
International Law and Applied Sciences Manohar Samal

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Abhivardhan, Akash Manwani, Kshitij Naik, Suman Kalani

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Digital, Hardbound, Paperback



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