Global Relations and Legal Policy, Volume 2



Global Relations and Legal Policy, Volume 2 is a collection of research by Global Law Assembly

List of Research Works Published in the Collection of Research

Role of Ethnocentrism and Globalization in the Strategies and Decision-Making Process of the UN Human Rights System

Hriti Parekh

Post-COVID Trade Measures Taken Against China: Analysis of Legality and Economic Impact

Ishita Thakur

Indian Space Governance: Growing Privatization of India’s Space Industry and Need for a National Space Legislation

Adrija Ghosh

The UN’s Role and Intervention in the Transformation of Customary International Law and the Objector Principles

Anirudh Vats

Is Foreign Arbitral Regime in South Asia Conducive to Trade and Commerce?

Sameep Khanal

US Foreign Policy Post-Pandemic: Critical Review

Hriti Parekh, Chitrika Grover & Sanchana Srivastava

Labour Law Reforms in India: Critical Review

Mahak Gupta

South-South Cooperation & its Potential to Combat Chinese Debt Trap Politics

Nikita Mulay

Revisiting Protest Restrictions on United Nations Employees

Manohar Samal

Separation of Powers and Human Rights Protection in the Middle East

Beghuman Simsir

Draft UN Convention on Elimination of Pandemics – 2020

Srishti Pareek

Lethal Autonomous Weapons System (LAWS): Conflict politics and the lacuna in International Humanitarian Law

Subodh Singh

The Core Principles of International Water Law: A Critical Review

Beghuman Simsir

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