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30+ books & reports that will elevate your understanding and expertise

We feature all the journals, magazines, books, reports, briefs, handbooks, infographics, non-fiction books and research collections published by our research think tanks and the Indic Pacific Team. 

Master the law with our comprehensive courses.

Test your Legal Skills, Cultivate your Career Trajectory

Making decisions on crucial issues like career, and skills are a make-or-break case. Our courses focus on giving you the relevant knowledge & skills to garner opportunities in the legal market. 

Why our Training Programmes?

Specificity is our strength.

The training programmes and courses developed by Indic Pacific are results-driven with a targeted approach. We want you to get the best skills to examine key industry-related legal problems. 

We don’t make vague promises, we deliver specific results.

Some History of
Here is some data based on our research, publication and mentorship history:
  • 64.5% of our former interns were productive in their research tasks
  • The choice of research has been diverse, which explains that law as a career is not a monolith and multiple career opportunities could be created. 
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On average, nearly 60,000 to 1 lakh students enrol in law schools and universities or enter into the legal profession. India has some of the most law professionals in the legal industry around the world.

Yet, many law students and even young graduates at an entry level do not get enough career guidance.

This is where VASE, or VLiGTA® Skill Evaluator helps.

This tool helps in understanding three things:

  • Personal interests, that shape your legal career interests (for example, how your personal choices affect your legal career and skills)
  • Market perception and understanding, that explains your industry knowledge and where your interests align
  • Legal field interests: we have covered 10+ key private and public law fields

Use this tool to get insights based on your cognitive choices.  

100% Free

Virtual experiences that bring the law to life.

Virtual experience programmes are free courses without any charge, which offer a simulated experience giving an instance of how legal work happens in various places, from law firms to chambers and government departments.

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© Indic Pacific Legal Research LLP. All Rights Reserved.


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