Artificial Intelligence and Policy in India, Volume 4 [AIPI-V4]



Table of Contents

1 | Generative AI in Fintech: A Realistic Assessment of Key Legal Implications

Neelangini Tiwari

2 | Legal Trepidations around the Proliferation of AI in Agriculture

Sonarekha Ray


3 | Open-Sourcing Responsible GenAI: A Policy Exploration

Riya Utekar


4 | Ethical Implications of the Proliferation of Artificial Intelligence in Gaming Operations

Harshitha Reddy Chukka

5 | Artificial Intelligence-associated Tacit Collusion & Indian Competition Law

Krati Singh Bhadouriya


This research collection is a collaborative effort between Indic Pacific Legal Research and the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law (ISAIL), showcasing the versatile research contributions of interns from the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law during their internship programmes.

The research works, whether in the form of infographics, text, or mixed media, showcased in this research collection are adapted works that have been excerpted, edited, and curated by the editors of this collection and the team at Indic Pacific Legal Research. While authors retain their moral rights over the original works, the editors and Indic Pacific have rights associated with the review, modifications and curation of these adapted works.

Disclaimer: The research works featured in this collection, including excerpts, edited content, and curated materials, represent the views and opinions of the respective authors. The views expressed in these works do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Indic Pacific Legal Research, its editors, or affiliated individuals.

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