India-led Global Governance in the Indo-Pacific: Basis & Approaches [GLA-TR-003]



The Indo-Pacific Construct has various points of origin and it holds a special importance as a geopolitical construct for India. In this technical report, thus, the focus has been to propose to develop a multi-comprehensive approach (or at least a set of such approaches with some common & uncommon features, which is by all means, Indo-centric (as proposed in this report) (India-led, India-oriented) and reasonable. The report is not limited to the domain of international affairs, and thus, analyses the conceptual importance and relevance of the framework of the Indo- Pacific for practical reasons stated. We therefore look at various visionary considerations that are proposed, and even committed to by various countries, in the proposed geopolitical region. The following sub-portions discuss the most common and significant issues related to the conception of the Indo-Pacific in a distinctive manner.

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