Responsible AI in India: First Analytical Report



This analytical report is one of the key analytical reports on India and the impact of AI technologies in India Inc. in general. These are the considerations that must be established from the report:

  • Risk assessment over the impact of incorrect predictions and, when reasonable, design systems with human-in-the-loop review processes must be indigenized with Indian standards; Standards on bias evaluation must be essentially developed, where the bargaining power of Indian companies and governments must prevail;
  • The hierarchies of Fairness, Responsibility, Reproducibility, Transparency and Accountability- vertical and horizontal must be thoroughly assessed to prevail the bargaining power of Indian entities and the State;
  • The dynamics of automation of services must be thoroughly assessed and human privity cum autonomy must be respected in the context of India’s respect of fundamental rights and civil cum individual liberties (and creative liberties);
  • The hierarchies of privacy by design and default cum the pseudonymization of data must be assessed and evaluated in terms of their generality, indifference and diverse approaches; AI services and products being procured (and democratized+localized) in India must be scrutinized on the basis of the case by application – by – case by application approach (we call it a Species approach);
  • AI’s status as an electronic legal personality or a limited juristic entity has to be assessed on the basis of trends and data evaluation, wherein the report will help us to further inspect the attributions which work in India;

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