Global Relations and Legal Policy, Volume 1 [GRLP1]



Collection of Research Works for Global Law Assembly’s initial publications.

Research Works published in this Collection

Indo-Russian Relations: The Vladivostok Developments and their Reasonable Underpinnings

Vasu Sharma & Manohar Samal

Should India join the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China?

Arpan Chakravarty, Pratham Sharma & Manohar Samal

Indo-African Multilateralism: A 2020 Insight

Manohar Samal

India’s Foreign Policy Avenues towards a Multipolar West Asia

Vasu Sharma

Threat of Israeli Annexation over Palestine and the Indian Position

Manohar Samal

India-Bangladesh Relations: Future Underpinnings and Understandings

Akash Manwani

Analysis of India’s Joint Ventures with UNOPS to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

Mugdha Satpute & Ridhima Bhardwaj

Resolving the Jurisdictional Issues of International Courts and Tribunals

Manohar Samal

Manifestation of the Rules of International Humanitarian Law in Outer Space Governance

Pratham Sharma

The Dysfunctionalities of International Investment Law: An Unoffending Attempt at Balancing Investor Rights and Obligations

Akash Manwani

An Examination into Managing the Plight of Migrant Workers in India during the COVID-19 Quarantine and Beyond

Arpan Chakravarty & Anubhav Banerjee

The Nascency of Good Governance: Community Policing in the Contemporary India

Pranay Bhattacharya & Akshat Mall

The Right to Have Political Voice: Situating the Right to Political Participation of National Minorities under the UN and Council of Europe Human Rights Regimes

Amin Labbafi

Relevance of the Exception of Political Offense in the Extradition Matters in the 21st Century

Padmja Mishra

Analyzing the Viability of ADR in Settling Maritime Boundary Disputes Around the South China Sea

Avishikta Chattopadhyay

Doctrine of Clausula Rebus Sic Stantibus in International Law and its Relevance in the Contemporary World

Pragya Sharma

Analysing the Veto Power of the United Nations Security Council

Dhanya Visweswaran

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Abhivardhan, Amulya Anil

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