Indian International Law Series, Volume 1



Annual Yearbook for the Works produced in the Indian International Law Programme by Global Law Assembly

List of Research Works Published in this Collection of Research

India’s Restrictions on Public Procurement: An Analysis of Conformity with National Treatment Obligations under GATT

Sathyajith MS

The History of Indo-African Relations in Context of the Growth of International Law

Yashna Walia

An Impact Analysis of China’s Foreign Policy Imperatives on the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Yashvi Agarwal & Avishi Pateriya

Serbia-Kosovo Economic Normalization and Principled Realism in US Foreign Policy

Mugdha Satpute & Prafful Tonge

Discussion Report on the Abraham Accords brokered between US, Israel and UAE in August 2020

Vasu Sharma, Avishikta Chattopadhyay and Pratham Sharma, Editors

Recommendations Report on the Roundtable on Indian Diaspora and the U.S. Presidential Elections 2020

Avishi Patreya and Yashvi Agarwal, Editors

Discussion Report on the Indo-African Ties and its Avenues in a Multipolar World

Vamya Dhawan, Editor | Pooghuzhali R P and Mukesh M, Contributors

China’s National Security Law and Implications for HKSAR: An Overview

Mugdha Satpute

Indo-Korean Relations: An Overview

Avishikta Chattopadhyay and Mugdha Satpute

Normalization of the Israel-Morocco Relations: An Overview

Yashna Walia

The Developing Israel-Bhutan Ties: An Overview

Yashna Walia

The Indian Ocean Initiative and the Potential of Russian Cooperation

Ridhima Bhardwaj and Mugdha Satpute

The Pulwama Attack Confessions: International Legal Remedies for India

Manohar Samal

The Status Quo Issues in the US Peace Plan on Israel-Palestine & the Indian Analysis

Akash Manwani and Mugdha Satpute

India-European Union Relations: Free Trade Agreement and Allied Issues

Manohar Samal

China & the Central and Eastern European Nations: Shifting Dynamics and the Indian Repositioning

Akash Manwani

Analysing the Effects of the Defense of Japan White Paper 2020 on the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue

Manohar Samal

The Long-Waving Chabahar Port Issue and India’s Dilemma

Ridhima Bhardwaj & Vasu Sharma

Is the Afghanistan Peace Process a Preventive Method or a Cure?

Mugdha Satpute

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