Artificial Intelligence and Policy in India, Volume 1



Artificial Intelligence and Policy in India is a special edited book published by the Research Directorate of Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence & Law. The book is a special coverage of policy papers, artificial intelligence and social sciences anthologies and briefs by our Research Members and in short, is a collection of novel ideas and propositions which researchers, editors and interns at ISAIL do believe in. We have also published some of the miscellaneous works on Artificial Intelligence and Law in this Volume. We believe the Discussion Papers are special proposals that have been accepted for the purpose of academic scholarship and open & rational discussion.

Table of Contents

Indian Strategy on AI and Law, 2020 Series.

February-March 2020 Recommendations

Baldeep Singh Gill & Abhishrut Singh, Editors

April-June 2020 Recommendations

Abhivardhan, Editor

Artificial Intelligence and Constitutionalism: Satiability and Extensivity of AI as a Legal Personality

Sarmad Ahmad & Baldeep Singh Gill

Automated Killer: the treads around the soft earth of legality and Artificial intelligence

Vedant Sinha

Artificial Intelligence and Juridical Considerations: Legal and Administrative Underpinnings in India

Mridutpal Bhattacharyya

The Legal Viability of Patenting

Ritam Khanna

Jurisprudential Modalities of Data Protection Regime and Privacy via AI in India

Vaishnavi Venkatesan & Nayan Grover

Artificial Intelligence in Corporate Transactions: AI, Automated Mergers & Acquisition and Corporate Ethics

Stuti Modi

Machine Learning and its Privacy Implications in India: Analysis of the Logistical Imperative in Data Protection and Jurisprudence

Sameer Samal

Discussion Papers and Research Articles

On the Entrepreneurial-Employability Ecosystem & Technology Preparedness due to COVID19 in India: Seminal Analysis & Proposed Solutions via the AI Ecosystem

Abhivardhan, Suman Kalani, Ankur Pandey, Baldeep Singh Gill, Kshitij Naik, Manohar Samal, Ritansha Lakshmi, Adetola Jesulayomi & Ruhi Tyagi

AI and its Tortious Liability

Sadaf Fahim

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Abhivardhan, Baldeep Singh Gill



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