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AIACT.IN Version 3, released on June 17, 2024, is India’s first privately proposed artificial intelligence regulation. This comprehensive framework aims to ensure the safe, ethical, and responsible development and deployment of AI technologies in India.

This explainer gives an insight on the AIACT.IN v3 and explains its third version.

Key features of AIACT.IN V3 include:

  1. Enhanced Classification Methods:
    • Conceptual: Evaluates AI based on utilization, development, maintenance, and proliferation.
    • Technical: Classifies AI based on scale, purpose, features, and limitations.
    • Commercial: Categorizes AI technologies based on their commercial applications.
    • Risk-centric: Assesses AI systems based on potential risks and impacts.
  2. National Registry for AI Use Cases:
    • Establishes a comprehensive database for both untested and stable AI applications.
    • Aims to standardize and certify AI use cases across India.
  3. Regulation of AI-Generated Content:
    • Balances innovation with protection of individual rights and societal interests.
    • Introduces content provenance and identification requirements.
  4. AI Insurance Policies:
    • Mandates insurance coverage for high-risk AI systems.
    • Provides guidelines for risk assessment and coverage levels.
  5. AI Pre-classification:
    • Enables early assessment of potential risks and benefits of AI systems.
  6. Guidance Principles:
    • Covers AI-related contracts and corporate governance.
    • Promotes responsible AI practices within organizations.
  7. National AI Ethics Code:
    • Provides a flexible yet robust ethical foundation for AI development and deployment.
  8. Indian Artificial Intelligence Council (IAIC):
    • Establishes a regulatory body to oversee AI governance and implementation of the Act.

AIACT.IN V3 represents a significant step forward in AI regulation, aiming to harness the potential of AI while mitigating associated risks and protecting the nascent Indian AI ecosystem.

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