The Policy Purpose of a Multipolar Agenda for India, First Edition, 2023



This is Infographic Report IPLR-IG-001, in which we have addressed the concept and phenomenon of multipolarity in the context of India’s geopolitical and policy realities per se.

We also express our regard to Aditya Jakki from The Bharat Pacific for his utmost suggestions and feedback.

Here is the table of contents of the report:

1 | Understanding Multipolarity
What is multipolarity, and how has this concept evolved for India in political, economic and social aspects.

2 | The Transformative Role of Multipolarity

How multipolarity as a policy phenomenon (and a geopolitical phenomenon changed the way we look at global issues and problems.

Global Dynamics and Politics

    • Diversifying Power & Competence Dynamics
    • Old Multilateralism vs New Multilateralism
    • Multi-Alignment as the New Normal
    • Plurilateralism and ‘Minilateralism’
    • The Rise of Specialised Non-State Actors
    • The World is Post-Ideological

Crisis and Realism

    • The Language and Outlook of ‘Polycrisis’
    • Principled Realism
    • The Weaponization of Everything

Technology and Modernity

    • The Penetrable and Irreversible Role of Digital Technologies
    • The Big Tech and the Red Tech
    • New Technological & Economic Modernity

Economic Strategies

    • Economic and Technological Regionalism
    • Enabling Strategic Hedging

3 | Emerging Use Cases in a Multi-polar World

A set of proposed use cases in law, policy and economics which could steer the volatility of the multipolar world.

Policy Development and Implementation

    • The Role of Civilisation Science to Solve Complex Policy Problems

Economic and Environmental Strategies

    • A New Industrial Policy and the Circular Economy
    • The Bundling & Unbundling of Soft Power

International Law and Diplomacy

    • The Rise of Multi-aligned thinking in International Law
    • The Standardisation of Modern Diplomacy by Middle Powers at a micro-level

Regulatory Trends and Sovereignty

    • The Rise and Rise of Regulatory Sovereignty & Subterfuge
    • The Rise of Soft Law & Self-Regulation

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