The Indic Approach to Artificial Intelligence Policy [IPLR-IG-006]



The Indic Approach to Artificial Intelligence Policy” is a comprehensive report that draws upon India’s rich philosophical traditions to propose a unique approach to AI governance. The report covers key concepts such as algorithmic sovereignty, context-specific governance, AI knowledge management protocols, and anticipatory sector-specific strategies. It offers practical recommendations for policymakers, industry leaders, and researchers to develop AI systems that align with India’s socio-cultural realities and development goals.

Additional Information:

  • Provides a fresh perspective on AI ethics and governance, grounded in Indian philosophical schools like Nyaya, Samkhya, Buddhism, and Vedanta
  • Introduces the concept of Permeable Indigeneity in Policy (PIP) to ensure AI strategies reflect India’s unique policy landscape
  • Offers a roadmap for India to become a global leader in culturally resonant and inclusive AI development
  • Includes practical recommendations for key stakeholders, including government bodies, startups, MSMEs, and large enterprises
  • Features engaging infographics and mind maps to illustrate complex concepts in an accessible manner

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