Reinventing & Regulating Policy Use Cases of Web3 for India [VLiGTA-TR-004]



This is the first report on legal & policy aspects related to Web3 technologies, developed by VLiGTA, the research & innovation division of Indic Pacific Legal Research. In this report, we have offered a comprehensive overview of state of Web3 policy & governance outlooks in India.  The report addresses the state of India’s successful Digital Public Infrastructure, and examines the state of technology governance as well. Further, the report focuses on several kinds of blockchain consensus algorithms, and the issues related to transitioning from using Web2 system infrastructure to Web3 system infrastructure.

We have offered thought models and suggestions in the form of use cases of Web3 in areas such as data portability, voting, supply management, decentralised exchanges and zero-knowledge taxes. With this general technical report, we hope to offer more contributions in India’s Web3 policy space, in future.

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