Legal Strategies for Open Source Artificial Intelligence Practices, IPLR-IG-004



This is an infographic report on building legal strategies for open source-related artificial intelligence practices. This report also serves as a compendium to the key legal issues that companies may face in the AI industry in India, when they would have to go open-source.


1 | Open Source Systems, Explained

A broader introduction of open source systems, and their kinds, and features as widely discussed throughout the infographic report.

2 | Regulatory Questions on OSS in India

An extended analysis of some regulatory dilemmas around the acceptance and invocation of open source systems & practices in India.

  • The Digital Personal Data Protection Act & relevant Non-Personal Data Protection Frameworks
  • Consumer Law Regulations in India
  • The Digital India Act Proposal
  • The Competition Act and the draft Digital Competition Bill, 2024

3 | Legal Dilemmas around Open Source Artificial Intelligence Practices

What are the key legal dilemmas associated with artificial intelligence technologies that make open source practices hard to achieve?

Intellectual Property Issues

  • Copyright Protections
  • Patent & Design Protections
  • Trade Secret Issues

Licensing Ambiguities

  • Licensing Compatibility
  • Licensing Proliferation
  • Modifications & Derivatives

Industrial Viability

4 | Making Open Source Feasible for AI Start-ups & MSMEs

What kind of sector-neutral, sector-specific, industrially viable and privacy-friendly practices may be feasibly adopted by AI start-ups and MSMEs?

5 | Key Challenges & Recommendations for Open Source AI Practices

We have offered recommendations on enabling better open-source practices for AI companies, which are legally viable, due to the absence of regulatory clarity, and despite the risk of regulatory capture & regulatory subterfuge.

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