Artificial Intelligence Governance using Complex Adaptivity: Feedback Report, First Edition, 2024

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This is a feedback report developed to offer inputs to a coveted paper published by the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC-PM) of India, entitled A Complex Adaptive System Framework to Regulate Artificial Intelligence” authored by Sanjeev Sanyal, Pranav Sharma, and Chirag Dudani.

This report provides a detailed examination of the EAC-PM paper “A Complex Adaptive System Framework to Regulate Artificial Intelligence.” It delves into the core principles proposed by the authors, including instituting guardrails and partitions, ensuring human control, promoting transparency and explainability, establishing distinct accountability, and creating a specialized, agile regulatory body.Through a series of infographics and concise explanations, the report breaks down the intricate concepts of complex adaptivity and its application to AI governance. It offers a fresh perspective on viewing AI systems as complex adaptive systems, highlighting the challenges of traditional regulatory approaches and the need for adaptive, responsive frameworks.

Key Highlights:

  1. In-depth analysis of the EAC-PM paper’s recommendations for AI regulation.

  2. Practical feedback and policy suggestions for each proposed regulatory principle.

  3. Insights into the unique characteristics of AI systems as complex adaptive systems.

  4. Exploration of financial markets as a real-world example of complex adaptive systems.

  5. Recommendations for a balanced approach fostering innovation and responsible AI development.

Whether you are a policymaker, researcher, industry professional, or simply interested in the future of AI governance, this report provides a valuable resource for understanding the complexities involved and the potential solutions offered by a complex adaptive systems approach.

Download the “Artificial Intelligence Governance using Complex Adaptivity: Feedback Report” today and gain a comprehensive understanding of this critical topic. Engage with the thought-provoking insights and contribute to the ongoing dialogue on responsible AI development.Stay informed, stay ahead in the era of AI governance.

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