European Union’s Legislative Proposal on AI Governance – Policy Review



The European Commission (the “Commission”) announced its proposal for an Artificial Intelligence Regulation on April 21, 2021. (The “AI Regulation”). The proposal is the outcome of the Agency’s years of effort, which included the release of a “White Paper on Artificial Intelligence.” The AI Regulation intends to establish in the EU a robust regulatory regime for Artificial Intelligence (“AI”).

The goal is to create a legislative structure that offers the legal certainty required to encourage AI research and investment while simultaneously protecting fundamental rights and ensuring that AI technologies are handled correctly. (European Union: The EU’s New Regulation On Artificial Intelligence, 2021) The European Parliament passed numerous AI-related resolutions in October 2020, inclusive of ones on ethics, responsibility, and copyright. In 2021, measures on AI in criminal issues, as well as in education, culture, sphere, were observed adopted to set out a robust and immaculate legal framework. This concept suggests a broad regulation policy for Artificial intelligence that is both equitable and measurable.

This proposal is confined to the unadorned prerequisites to recognise the potential problems associated with AI, without inordinately restricting or hampering the scientific progress. The proposition creates a set of harmonised criteria for the evolution, market implementation, and usage of Ai technologies in the Community, with the goal of providing a single AI terminology that is prospectively objective. A board on artificial intelligence is constituted with the intention to implement the proposed regulations under the governance of the member states.

This policy review attempts to present the key provisions of the proposed AI law, their implications for various stakeholders, barriers to AI development, and policy proposals and alternatives.

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